Outcome Of The Deal

Whenever people step up to the negotiation table, they hope to get the best of out of the deal. However, what many do not realize is that very often, the outcome of the deal is somewhat determined even before you and the other party meet at the table.

Be it a win-win, lose-win, win-lose or lose-lose outcome, various elements comes into play. Massive advantage goes to the team that has the following determining factors all ready BEFORE you meet to negotiate.

1) Preparation and Strategy

2) Information and Data

3) Controllable Resources and Assets

4) Mindset and Character

5) Team Synergy

What if you don’t have all these five factors to your advantage and you step onto the negotiation room?

Then DURING the negotiation, the one vital element that presents any real hope of turning around the losing situation is this:

Eloquence of the negotiator

Now that you know about this, how can you put your negotiation to your advantage?

Best wishes on your coming deal.

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