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We’re Always Negotiating, So Here’s What You Must Have To Win

June 29, 2007

Just completed four intensive days of training on Brain Power and Effective Negotiation Skills. Over the days, it has brought to mind a reminder that we’re always negotiating, all the time, every time.

Ever since young and as babies, we have been negotiating deals of all kinds. We negotiate with ourselves and on our inner dilemma, negotiate with our family, friends and loved ones, with our romantic interests, with people we buy things from and we negotiate with our boss, colleagues and customers. You name it, you’re always negotiating.

It is therefore crucial to remember that the winning state of negotiation begins from the mindset you have.

It then extends to the plan you have laid out to get what you want.

This is followed by the applications of the strategies and tactics in the pursue of your intention.

Finally, make sure both parties walk away with the win-win outcome.

Since we can never avoid negotiation and we are always negotiating, isn’t it time to devote some time to improving our negotiation skills? This will help ensure that we can get the things we want, more often than before.

The next time you want something, you know you have to negotiate for it… and excel in it.