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It Wasn’t That Bad, That Difficult…

June 9, 2007

How frequent do we think that something will be so terrible to face up to but turn out to be more pleasant? Then we remarked, “It wasn’t that bad…”

How often have we thought that we couldn’t accomplish a certain task and yet managed to do it after all? Then we said to ourselves or others, “Hmm… it wasn’t that difficult.”

Our mind ‘plays tricks’ on us by default because it’s always imaginative and creative. It takes in all the past and present information and learning to conjure up a likely possibility of certain future events.

If we have been feeding it with all the negativity and terrifying stories, it will most often show us a bleak dark future as well as why certain tasks cannot be done.

Hence before we get to a task, our mind already gives us the idea that it cannot be done. Hence before we have to deal with something, our mind already preempts us that a morbid fate awaits. Familiar?

It tends to exaggerate the situation and we in turn feel too small to make things happen since the tasks and events are ”insurmountable”. Therefore since we cannot make it, we just sit on it.

Doing nothing.

What must really happen is for us to take control of our mind and give it a dose of reality. If you don’t utilize your mind’s imagination, it will go wild.

Instead of allow our inner wild thoughts to get the better of us, here are the steps you can improve on mastery of your mind:

1) Realistically analyze the current situation.

2) Use your mind to project possibilities and probable events.

3) List out the action steps to take followed by the deadlines.

4) Use your mind to go through the actions of your intention beforehand.

5) Check through for likely gaps and areas of improvement, again realistically.

6) Use your mind to go through again and work on the improvements you might have to make.

7) Execute your plan, checking with your mind as a compass.

Now that we’ve said it, let’s be done with it.

It wasn’t that bad, neither was it that difficult after all.

Through The Looking Glass

June 8, 2007

After a few days of Employability training, Time and Stress Management workshops and reservist in-camp, I am back for a short while over the quick weekend. Recharging and writing training notes for the coming courses before I return back to camp soon.

It’s interesting to notice how the pace and perspectives of life can change. From romper room to rumble jungle, from tie and suit to green uniform, its like stepping through the looking glass and into another world. A whole new universe.

When Alice got herself into the other dimension, she encountered adventures she didn’t quite expect. My life is an adventure to me as well. The different directions that unfold before me give me that sense of exhilaration. Its never quite what you expect, yet its the very unpredictability of life that excites and drives me… to do better, to excel beyond.

When we step through our own looking glass, we may start to find another world, a universe beyond our usual comprehension. It challenges us and our normal perceptions. It may also cast away our common doubts and start exploring a new way of life, of living.

If you want your life to be an adventure, step through the looking glass. Put yourself into another uncommon situation. You may find yourself excelling beyond your wildest dreams.

Make Your Life.

June 3, 2007

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but dare not? Go do it.

Is there a dream you want to fulfill? Go fulfill it.

Is there a project you want to start? Go start it.

Is there someone you wish to mend back the relationship? Go mend it.

Is there someone who you’ve been wanting to talk to? Go talk to that person.

How about someone you’ve been wanting to date? Go date him or her.

Is there a life you’ve want all this life? Go make it.

Just know that after we pass on, what else do we have left?

Make your life.

Make your life exciting.

Make your life interesting.

Make your life worthwhile. After all, it’s the only one you’ve got.

Take Care versus Take Charge

June 2, 2007

It’s a common phrase for us to utter whenever we part company with our friends or business associates for the day. We ask them to ‘take care’ and go on our ways. ‘Take care’ has evolved to be more like a figure of speech that has somewhat becomes a cliche, nice to hear but we are numb to the meaning of it. Mostly spoken just to nicely wrap up a conversation or a meeting.

Just think, seconds before we say goodbye to our friends, we are asked to ‘take care’. But how many of us really do take care on the very next task like crossing the road or boarding a transport? As we embark on a certain challenging task, do we really remember the words of our well-meaning friend to ‘take care’ as we perform the task?

To explore slightly deeper, the word ‘take care’, in my opinion, seems to mean… things are going to happen to your life, so you better be careful or be cautious.

It’s a defensive position. Awaiting events or situations to unfold and affect us while we remain vigilant about it. It puts us to a point of a certain level of helplessness in terms for the occurrence of the life events. In short, it’s passive.

“It’ll occur on its own, we’re helpless to stop it so let’s just be careful when it happens to us.” Therefore, you take care.

On the other hand, when we take charge, we take a different stance. We become offensive and active.

We pump in a certain level of adrenaline, take up our arms and march towards that particular life event or situation. Our aim is to stop whatever event from happening and shape them into whatever we want.

The moment we take charge, we put ourselves in control of our lives. Working on ways to make thing better. Using our talents, resources and assets within ourselves and externally to design, shape and craft our very next second of life. We become overlord of our own lives, masters of our destiny… because we take charge.

Hence ‘take care’ is awaiting things to happen as we remain careful. ‘Take charge’ is making things happen as we remain in charge.

Which side would you rather be on? The passive side or the active side.

For me, my choice is clear.

Next time before you part with your friends, it’ll also be interesting to tell them to ‘take charge’ instead of ‘take care’. It’ll be fun to watch that bewildered, puzzled look on your friends and the raising of eyebrows as they go.. “huh??!” 🙂

Explain to them it’s your sincere wish for them to take charge of their lives and make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen.

When you want to excel, you must take charge.

Take charge.