The Last Lap

When we first aim for things, we begin with setting goals. We work on it for a long time, we slogged for it, added with sweat, tears and even blood sometimes. Eventually things will come to a close, that deadline, that endpoint.

Yet, just minutes, moments or seconds before that endpoint, something happens. It could be emotions of elation or droughts of depression. It is often when someone overlooked a thing or two, something so minor yet so crucial to making it happen. Some have a lapse of concentration, from fatigue and tiredness. Others let their emotional irrationality and logical hesitation get the better of them. On the last lap, many just gave up, seconds before the endpoint.

The last lap is also the weakest moment. Moments of temptation set in.

Learn to push it on beyond that goal, so that when you’ve achieved it, you’ve accomplished more than just that goal. You have to contain your excitement or frustration and just push on so that the final moments of doubts will not get to you.

You have to sometimes aim further than just what you intend to achieve, so that you will excel through the goal effortlessly.

Hence, this is the essence of excelling. It’s not enough just to excel, for many just give up on the last lap. You have to aim to excel beyond excellence so that whatever you have decided, you will achieve more… easily.

Dust the dust off your feet. Aim a higher aim, and this time, stay on the last lap.

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