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Creating The Success That Lasts

July 2, 2007

There are times where those who have achieved their goal begin to take for granted that it is the end. A time for them to rest and a time to retire. However, as success should beget success, this should only be the beginning. The emergence of greater things to come.

It is actually the time to look for and groom a successor, a person with the worth and the fortitude to take over whatever one has created and achieved in his lifetime.

This will allow the success that you have created to perpetuate, to continue creating lasting goodness for others. That is the duty of those who had succeeded beforehand.

There must be foresight in selecting a successor. A person of capability and of integrity, fueled by commitment will then ensure a lasting success.

History has shown time and again that those who have selected a poor successor will only, at best, maintain the previous success by virtue of former diligence. At worst, it signifies the beginning of disintegration.

Sometimes a suitable successor cannot be found, hence becoming a victim of its own success. For those who failed to groom a successor to take over, it is often that the achievement is soon torn apart by the outsiders who patiently await the demise of the fallen champion. Think of the Empire of Alexander the Great and The Byzantine Empire.

With whatever we have created and achieved, we must remember to pass on that knowledge and wisdom. To guide, to coach and to groom someone else. Then we can create the success that lasts and lives on. For it is one champion’s duty to raise another champion.

At the end of success, remember to get a worthy successor.

In this way, you can truly excel beyond excellence.