It Takes Guts!

Ever heard of someone who has complained and lamented for the longest of time? Does that person change or just continues to complain?

Ever know of someone who claims he is aware that he must change, yet just doesn’t? That person remains living in the same mold of lifestyle?

The fact of the matter is, it takes guts to change.

Not because there is no need to change or does not know how to change. But it simply takes guts to change.

Taking guts requires a person to dare to overcome the laziness and the resistance to take action in the new direction. It also requires one to face the possibility of a new future that is first played out in one’s mind. Finally, it demands of one to be persistent about taking the action consistently.
Hence, having guts is to have the inner force. A force that begins by being self-driven to take action. It then becomes one that sustains the action, a continuous intrinsic motivation.

One key way is to get the purpose of change and make the purpose matter to you. The more that purpose matters, the more driven you are to change.

Therefore, whenever you want to make a change, especially a massive change, you have to muster that inner force, the motivation to go through the steps and the guts to take the action.

Want to truly excel beyond excellence? It takes guts to make it happen.

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