Independence Day

It was the Fourth of July yesterday, and it is also known as Independence Day to United States. A celebration and a marking of independence from Great Britain’s rule since 1776.

As USA remembers its day of freedom, I take it up as my day of reflection.

At times, though the physical body is independent, the mind is still far from it. To some, their thoughts and perspectives are still tied to former worn-out ideals, unable to be free from the chains of mental bondage, shackles of thinking restrain.

Some completely submit themselves to the compelling culture rather than learning to think for themselves. Its not be blamed though. I’ve always said, “The culture is stronger than the individual.”

Before you become independent, its a lot more important to have the following beforehand:

* the willingness to pay for the cost of independence.

* a plan for self-sufficence.

* the network to make your life work.

* the mental tenacity to see and chart a new direction.

* the character of guts and will to sustain you.

Its always useful to self-reflect on our lives to gauge to what degree are we truly independent, free to make our own choices and to carve our own destiny. To excel beyond, hopefully.

Our level of independence will let us know the amount of personal control we have over our own lives and hence chart the direction to where we are going.

Happy Independence Day!

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