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The Real Requirement To Make Any Change

July 7, 2007

You will often hear people say they need to make changes, they must make improvement. Yet how often do these changes really occur in their life. Do you notice a real change in thinking, in perspectives, in behavior, in their work career and most of all, in their lifestyle? Chances are things and thoughts seem to remain the same for years.

In order for changes and improvement to happen, there are requirements to be met first, of course. Some will attend seminars, others will do goal setting, or even a few will put up detailed plans. But are all these really the requirements?

To a certain degree yes. If this is so, then we should see a massive number of people making giant strides of improvement in their lives, since so many people have set their goals and attended multiple of seminars.

If we don’t see that, then perhaps a certain something is missing from these requirement.

What might that be? Here it is:
The REAL requirement to make any change is THE WILLINGNESS to make the change.

The willingness??? It seems so simple. Its like a given. Everyone who has a dream must be willing right? Really?

Let’s examine further…

Being willing means not giving excuses. It means to truly do whatever it takes to get there, instead of, “but I’ve got to study first, or I need the money and have the free time first, and other “reasons” you have heard of. No excuses.

Being willing means if it takes 3 hours of practice every day for the next 30 days, you will do it. There is no such thing as a rainy day or a ‘don’t feel like it’ mood to stop you. On the other hand, the more you don’t wish to do it, the more you must be driven to do it.

Being willing means if you have to go out and get 10 rejections a day from strangers and do it for the next 4 weeks, you will do it… willingly. If you have to climb 10 flights of stairs and jog for 30 minutes everyday for the next half a year, you will gladly do it.

Be willing means: the willingness to give up leisure time with family, friends and loved ones; the willingness to stay up late to do the homework needed; the willingness to pay lots of money, thick stacks of your hard earned money, to acquire the skills and knowledge. In short, you must be able to pay the price and sacrifice things in order to make that change.

Be willing also implies you are happy to know that you have made all these sacrifices and might end up with no result. You are willing to take the risk, willing to step into the unknown and experiment with no assurance that you will get anything in return. It means you will still be comfortable with the possibility of having nothing at the end.

So now the question remains… do you want to make a change to your life? Do you really, absolutely want to make it positive?

Only you know the answer.