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The Toughest Thing About Simplicity

July 9, 2007

We have always been wanting to make things better in our lives, yet we often add in mental obstacles and physical barriers to complicate issues. One such issue is that of complex emotions. Sometimes a simple matter can be seen as so severe, making it difficult to resolve.

Just think, if everyone follows according to a certain plan, sticks to it without being lazy or slacking, things can be accomplished much easier and faster. What tends to make things worse is the need to smooth and soothe the egos that come into play.

Sometimes its a lot more efficient and effective to keep things simple. But its as if we must work so hard for it, with the added blood, sweat and tears to make things worth while.

Perhaps its achieved through hard work, but things be also achieved through smart work? That’s takes a whole new mindset to think via a different paradigm.

The toughest thing about simplicity … is to simplify.

If you can simplify, you will realize many things are just a result of action through an intended plan. That’s all.

When you keep it simple, you keep getting things simply because the path to get there is clear.

Keep things simple, simply to excel.