The One Unchangeable Effect Of Emotions

Do you have feelings?

How are your feelings usually like?

What really causes you to feel this way?

The one unchangeable effect of emotions is that one type of emotion begets another. One negative feeling causes the rise of another negative feeling. And so does the positive ones.

If a person is feeling negative and interacts with the rest of his friends, those that come into contact with him becomes more negative too.

And contact in this case does not even need to mean physical forms like handshake. It can simply be eye contact or mere hearing of the words from this person’s mouth.

A negative emotion does begets another negative emotion.

A positive one inspires another positive emotion.

You can’t help but get affected by it… unless your mind is so strong, so tough that nothing can affect you. (That will make you close to an ice block.) It’s difficult not to be affected by someone.

If you want to get affected by positivity, stay close to positive people. Read positive thinking books and watch inspirational shows. Get as much into the positive side of emotions as much as positive.

Excellence does not come just from being the way you are. It comes from the willingness to change into the positive, then excelling becomes naturally.

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