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How Was Your Friday The 13th?

July 14, 2007

Just in case you haven’t noticed it, yesterday was another Friday the 13th. A supposedly unlucky day for most people. So for this time round, was yesterday more filled with unfortunate events than usual or did it remain the same just like any other day.

For this year 2007, there are 2 Friday the 13th. Just in April of months ago, I wrote about the notion of this notorious date on

It was an usual day for interesting events. Of course, there are trials and challenges that happened to me yesterday, like traveling a much longer distance to a more distant venue to conduct training on Interview Skills, being caught in an unexpected jam and a couple of taxi trips that took on a different turn.

But I realised that I was not even aware of the date itself. On hindsight, it was hardly extra-unlucky on that day. It was, to me, the usual issues.

Even when the little challenges cropped up, I was able to go into my automatic Solution Seeking System. It was a series of pre-programmed mental steps and planning in my mind that automatically results in my taking on solution generating behaviors. I’ve implanted this into my mental neurology years ago, almost the same time as when I first became a trainer and speaker.

What I’ve discovered is that we must truly learn to take control whenever we encounter issues. There are people who simple abdicate the decision to the circumstance that occur and let it flow. Well, if that’s their plan of life… to let external forces dictate their life, so be it.

I’d rather deal with it, take whatever necessary steps to improve it and move on, learning from it. In short, I take control.

Be it Friday the 13th, be it any unlucky day, I take control. It’s my life. Not the situation’s, not external forces’, but mine alone to be ultimately responsible for.

After all, taking control means the capability to excel.