The Real Truth Behind The Leadership Connection

Whenever a person is brave and bold enough to step up to the calling, he becomes a leader. At that moment, he claims the right to make decisions according to his vision as well as the right to take on the challenges that lie ahead. However there is a right that is not automatically his… in theory yes, but not in practice. That is the right for others to obey him.

Leadership does not imply that other people must instantly submit to him. He must first earn it, either through his charming charisma, respectable personality or a worthy vision that everyone shares.

Charisma infects people and draws others to him. A personality worthy of respect makes others listen to him, while a common vision inspires others and unites everyone together with him.

Possessing all 3 conditions are not enough, a leader must also find a way to reach out to others so that these 3 traits can truly make their magic work. He must, thus, find a connection… the leadership connection.

When an ordinary man becomes a leader, he is no longer just an executive. His work is not only to act and to execute, but a majority of the time is now spent on planning, then to find ways to get others to execute his plan. Executing his plan by himself, on his own, merely makes him a better executive, not a better leader.

Hence, what is the real truth the leadership connection? It is actually the Emotional Connection.

The emotional connection comprises of ways to influence others, emotionally. After all, people don’t just obey you just because you feel like becoming a leader of others. Remember, leadership is not automatic. Barking orders will not get you far and will not let you remain leader for long.

Besides adhering to your plan of fulfilling the tasks, you must now first bridge with your followers. For without this bridge, you cannot get the 3 traits or conditions across into the hearts and minds of others to make them execute your plan. Emotional connection therefore is the answer.

Every single one of the traits arouses emotions in the people. Charisma arouses admiration and affection for the leader, personality arouses respect and reverence to obey the leader, and vision gives rise to inspiration and infusion of enthusiasm of everyone.

Therefore, leadership becomes as follows:

Leader —– ( emotional connection ) —–> Followers —– ( execute plan )—–> Goal

Modern leadership is not just about issuing orders, it is emotionally connecting and influencing others first before they will commit to executing your orders.

The next time you step into the shoes of leadership again, consider establishing the emotional connection as a bridge first to get others to dedicate and execute your plans.

In this way, not only will you excel, but with others in your court, you will truly excel beyond excellence!

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2 Comments on “The Real Truth Behind The Leadership Connection”

  1. Shaune Says:

    Leadership = gravity

    It’s as simple as that. People must be drawn towards you before you can become a leader. Then when you are a leader the gravitational pull must become even stronger in order to keep those interested who are already at the center and also to pull new interest in.

  2. Wekie Says:

    Indeed and hence the emotional connection where it becomes a gravitational force to bring the followers to the leader, then keep the followers close to the leader.

    Thanks for your comments. Best wishes!

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