A Case Of The Lost Cause: How To Remedy It?

Ever tried to accomplish something that you dream of but gave up halfway? Did you ever decided that it was not worth your time and effort after all?

Well, then you are experiencing a case of the lost cause. A situation where the original cause or purpose of your actions are no longer worthwhile or justifiable.

In other words, to put it directly, you simply gave up on your dreams. For one excuse or another. Anyway, it’s gone.

And since it’s gone, what do people do next? Most spend the rest of the life lamenting and complaining about it. They drew out a series of excuses that they can conveniently pull out and place the blame on them for their lack of accomplishment. And mind you, these excuses are actually followed by well-argued rational and reasoning.

Nevertheless, it’s a lost cause.

To find back the cause and the purpose of why does it even matter to you in the first place, here are some remedies:

** Revisit the original site or event where your cause began.

** Review the original reasons for your cause and dreams.

** Reevaluate critically if you have discovered an even greater cause.

** Relate them to the consequences and the lives of your loved ones.

** Realize the cost you have to truly pay for moving from your original cause.

Remember, human beings are truly designed to accomplish and achieve. They are meant to pursue their causes and bring their dreams into reality. Those causes they have should be the driving force behind their inspiration instead of a lost cause.

The only case where the original cause should be lost is when you have a greater cause.

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