Own The Problem, Generate The Solution

How often do you hear of people who complain?

How many types of complains have you heard?

How often do you hear people say that its their own fault instead of others’ mistakes?

Let’s reverse the questions a little…

How often do you hear people giving you solution?

How many types of solutions have you received?

How often do you have people take personal responsibility and do something about it to improve the situation?

Now for the acid test…

Which group of questions do you tend to hear more of? The first or the second group?

Tendency is that the first group seems to be more rampant and take on most quantity. (You can disagree, of course) If they are that positive, drop me an email, would like to get to know them too.

How about a simple wisdom with a simple reply…

Instead of complaining, which tends to add negativity most of the time, why not own the problem then generate the solution?

Invite your friends to take a step over to the other side, the side of solutions.

As long as the problem is linked to us, there is no way we can fully absolve responsibility. The important things is to be understanding to the factors

Once you have a clearer picture, you can start to see new solutions. But it first begins with self-responsibility so that people can take ownership.

Instead of complaining, Own the Problem and Generate the Solution.

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