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What You Really Must Know About Couples At Work

July 22, 2007

Just finished conducting a workshop today on “Attraction at Work” where its about how to be massively more attractive to others at the workplace. I sincerely thank all the participants for exploring with me this extremely essential aspect of our lives.

Going through the many enquries and question posed, one of the most common recurring questions is involving couples at work.

This question goes something like this: “Should dating/ married couples work together in the same department/ company?”

The real essence of it is that this not really about should or should not, but rather its a question of how.

Since now that you are already a couple, via dating or by marriage, short of asking you to go different ways, the better approach should be to seek a resolution or compromise to the current situation.

The question of how should be based on 2 key factors:

1) How comfortable are both of you at working together?

2) How do you manage working together?

The first factor is one of the degree of (inner) emotional acceptance. While the second deals with external act of work management as a couple.

Firstly you must understand the Pros and Cons of working together and working separately as a couple.

In order to better resolve the potential conflict of working together, there will have to be some premises for them:

Both must agree and accept that Arrangements will have to be made and abided to. Though its not necessary to be as iron clad as military.

Both must regularly Communicate, diplomatically airing their views and taking the time to understand each other’s position.

Both must Compromise whenever possible. As couple, you have to understand that its not possible to be making decisions just solely your own rational. There will have to be give and take by both party in order for the relationship to work.


Acceptance of arrangement

Communication of comfort

Compromise of couplehood

Utilize these tips, work them through and you’ll have a much more fulfilling experience as a couple at work and home.