Top 3 Reasons Why Miscommunication Occurs

Sometimes you are logging on the internet, dialing up to the broadband, and wah-lah! it doesn’t get through. At other times, you are typing a long email, replying to an important business deal, you click on the ‘send’ button, and horror of all horrors, you are presented with an error page. The internet connection has just got disconnected.

In life, you wish that things are smooth and they will go your way, the way you like it. But it simply doesn’t. When you communicate, you are passing a message. However the message and its intent do not get through all the time to your listeners. Its just like a baaaaadd connection.

Let’s explore some of the key reasons why miscommunication occur:

Firstly, it’s because of our expectations. Whenever we communicate, we expect. We hope. And we look forward to certain responses that are favorable to us, just something we though we might hear.

When those responses do not match our expectation, we get a quick flash of confusion, which later leads to bouts of frustration.

Secondly, it’s the channels of message delivery. Words, voice and body language don’t fully describe our experiences and our images, hence what we say are truly only a portion of what we really want to communicate.

When you think of an intense experience, you’ll have to use a certain word or phrase to describe it. For every word you use, you’ll have to leave out other words.

Yet experience on its own its multi-dimensional and multi-level. It is all emcompassing, hitting you all at once. Therefore, the degree which you can pass on the intented experience is entirely dependant on your capability and ability to communicate.

The third reason why miscommunication occur is because of our internal filters. The message delivered is often left to the readers and the listeners’ interpretation too. When you read a story, you map it unto your own experience. The images conjured and emotions felt within you also hinge on your own understanding of the words and comprehension of the definitions.

Having a better understanding of these reasons why miscommunication occurs, you can strive to be more tolerant of yourself and others during interaction and our relationships. It is often that we do not intent to miscommunicate but rather because of the presence of such inherent factors. These factors will always be there in all forms of communication.

What’s left for us is to constantly minimize these impact by learning how to communicate better.

Best wishes.

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