Why Men In Their 40s Are The Largest Group Of People With The Deepest Debts?

I am sure you will agree that money is a very essential part of our lives. The use of it can buy us necessities and upgrade our luxuries. However the misuses and abuses of it can the quality of our lives in peril and in deep predicament.

Debt occurs and is then accumulated beyond personal means to repay. According to Lianhe Wanbao and a few other financial researches, there seems to be a certain general profile of those who tend to be the deepest debt. At the same time, they also form the largest category of people by age range.

A typical profile of someone who is deep in debt is seems to be a male in his 40s.

Some of the reasons are overstretched budget, giving in to temptations and unable to adjust to changing lifestyle and demands.

No matter what age we are at and no matter which phase of lifestyle we live, there is always a need to remind of ourselves of the needs to control our finances.

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