What Time Management Really Is And The Truths Behind Your Managing of Time

Had a wonderful time conducting the seminar on Time Management yesterday. We had a roaring good time, especially with the jokes, quizzes and massive participation by everyone. My thanks and appreciation to everyone who attended the event. It is truly your contribution that made it so exciting, enriching and empowering.

Time management is one of the oldest subject ever discussed. Time has been with us since the dawn of err… time. (pun intended.). Man has always been attempting to measure it, organize it and understand it.

The one fact that we can all be sure of is: Everyone of us have the same amount of time everyday. In absolute terms, that is.

Beyond that, it’s interpreted differently. So here’s another thing we can be sure of: Everyone see time differently… subjectively.

Since we see time differently, we, as a result, use time differently. Internally, our own notion of time is subjected to our upbringing and our projection of the future.

In addition, the value of time is directly dependent on the way we use time. If we use it by idling, then it becomes worthless. If we made use of that hour to build our own dreams, then it’s has become one of the most meaningful and “gold-worthy” 60 minutes in your life.

Therefore, time has a cost. Hence it has a value attached.
So what is time management is really?

1) Time management is really about Life management. It is really about how you decide to run your life and what you intend to achieve during your living years. From a macro perspective, it is also the reason why it is also called your “lifetime”. For every life we have, we have a certain amount of time to make certain things happen.

Conversely, poor time management usually reflects a lesser quality of life. Less worth thus is derived from that person’s lifetime in this world.

2) It is a reflection of your life’s REAL priority. When we talk about management of time, we are also talking about what activity we decide to use that specific hour for. The way we put into use hence is an indication of our priority in life. For example, if a person verbally says he wants to pursue a professional degree academically but spends most of his time sleep and eating, then his REAL priority in life is actually to sleep and to eat his life/time away.

3) It carries your values, beliefs and character. As you allocate time, it begins to form patterns. When you continuously do similar activities, it will clear indicate your inner beliefs about different issues and corresponding perspectives. Over time, the activities and the inherent meaning become ingrained in your character, giving you your life’s purpose.

4) Time management demands steadiness of mind and a fair sense of rationality to maximize time. Just as everything we do demands time, we have to remain firm and steady if we are to stick to our time management plan. We must also sometimes resist temptation to do some other things no matter how much we desire it, emotionally. Therefore, steadiness and rationality enables us to keep to our plans, duration and deadlines.

5) Given effective and efficient time management, it can make most (if not all) of your life’s dreams come true. If you can manage time, you can manage our life. We become capable of allocating tasks that brings in purpose to our lives. With whatever dreams we have, time is required to bring it into fruitation. Therefore, when we can manage our absolute time well (meaning effectively and efficiently) and keeping to it, the dreams of our lives will simply be achieved.

6) Lastly, time management is also your essential tool to excel beyond excellence. (‘Nuff said.)

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