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3 Essential Keys To Speed Up Your Sales and Negotiation

July 27, 2007

Just finished conducting a Sales training workshop today for the NUS Toastmasters. Within the workshop, we explored what goes on within the mind and needs of customers and practiced on the CODE structure of sales and other important concepts of selling. You’ve been very wonderful participants. Thank you very much and keep working on the selling skills.

In addition, I will like to include 3 essential keys that will help you speed up whatever sales situation you are in. If you are a negotiator, these keys play an even more crucial part in helping you to secure the deals faster.

Key #1: You must think faster than your customer.

This key deals with the sales and negotiation situation. Different customers will throw you different replies and responses. In an amiable scenario, they are just making inquiry or voicing their true concerns. Hostility wise, some are out to test you, to throw you off guard or to even find fault to with so as to gain advantage over you.

Your thinking speed allows to derive a suitable respond to gain back the ground and to cleverly turn it around. You must be ready to anticipate whatever situation you get from the sales situation. A slip of effective grasp of the situation indicates a lack of preparation, knowledge and professionalism in the customer’s eyes.

Key #2: You have to let yourself go, rather than clamp up on what to say.

This key is about the sales communication with your customer. The moment you meet your customer, it’s all systems go. You will not have the luxury of time to craft your speech, your words or even attempt to rehearse the body language.

Since sales and negotiations are based on interactive communication, you will certainly not able to fully know what to expect. The best way is to let yourself go where you have to trust all the learning, the rehearsals, the training and the preparations. Sometimes going with the flow works well, at other times, you need to stop and re-negotiate again.

Whatever practice you have done beforehand is practice done. It is now show-time and you have to let your sales kung-fu do the talking. Too much effort applied in attempting to recall the technicalities of sales will only serve to make you clamp up in your communication. This becomes a break in the cycle of sales.

Learn to trust yourself and all the preparation you have done thus far. Let yourself go and let your communication flow.

Key #3: You must work in partnership with your customer rather than force sell.

This key works on the overall sales and negotiation relationship with your customer. Understand that sales is actually a relationship in formation. Both parties attempt to ‘feel their way around’ with their responses and their handling of situations. You must focus on exploring the relationship in the form of partnership. This means that you can then effectively derive a win-win outcome.

Effective partnerships imply to your customer that you are also looking out for his gain and benefit, not just your own. This increases the trust he has in you, thus making him mentally engaging you and emotionally open up.

Partnerships matter more than attempting to hard sell. Selling in a forceful and detectably manipulatively manner makes you appear insincere and exploitative. The last time I checked, customers don’t do deals with people they don’t trust. Neither do they give money to these people.

Keep in mind these 3 essential keys whenever you conduct negotiation or sell to customers. They are the keys to make sales and negotiation speed up with positive results.

Use these keys to Excel Beyond Excellence!