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3 Proven Ways To Resolve A Mental And Negotiation Stalemate

July 29, 2007

During the negotiation situation, it is highly possible to get stalled at certain point where neither party agree to budge. Things do not move and nothing progresses. This is a stalemate. People and process get ‘stuck’.

Stalement can occur any time in any communication and deals handling. Conflict usually escalate with unresolved issues as the refusal to give in tend to be things that are closer to heart.

Therefore, a prolonged stalemate unwinds all the effort used before the negotiation and it becomes a serious wastage of time and money. It becomes a Catch-22 situation where to end it implies that previous efforts are down the drain while to move on implies a need for one party to lose out.

To be unable to find a resolution will imply that it is not just a negotiation stalemate, it is also a mental one. People are unable to logically accede to each other’s position. Hence stalemate is mostly a mental one… the inability to see beyond their current perspectives.

Here are 3 proven ways to resolve such a stalemate:

1) Switch positions and perspectives.

2) Include someone objective into the negotiation.

3) Willingness to think out of the box and be creative.

Remember, negotiation is a regular part of life and ever present in business dealings. Keep these ways in mind to handle the stalemates, be it mental or negotiation nature. These ways will help the situation progress than stagnant.