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The Most Ironic And Funniest Thing About Laughing It Off

July 30, 2007

(This is controversial. Read only if you are ready…)

Everybody wants fun in their life. From time to time, you want to take things easy and with a pinch of salt. But… somebody had to pour cold shower and remind you to… Be serious!!!

D you know what the funniest thing about laughing it off is?

To really laugh it off, you have to actually ignore how serious things are.

No Joke.

You have to actually ‘look down’ on certain issues that are socially and culturally seen as important.

In short, when the situation is serious, terrible or even fatal, you have to shrug it off and laugh about it. A discarding of importance and prominence.

When you look at an upcoming examination, you go, “Ha, ha, ha! Yeahhh, it’s great to go for exams! It’s no big deal.”

When you open your eyes and realize it’s a working Monday, you jump up with excitement and exclaim, “Cool! I’m going to work. I can’t wait to get to work. Yippeee!”

And when you meet strangers on the street, you flash your most brilliant and charming smile, saying, “Hi, Good morning and a beautiful day to you!”

Weird… some might utter to themselves. Why go all that length to act “abnormal”? Must be crazy to even suggest doing this… No way I’m gonna do this. No way at all…

YET, the most ironic thing is that… you actually perform better after you laugh it off!

It takes the pressure and stress off you. Your body and mind become focused on just the task and activity at hand. It forgets to add negativity onto you. Because laughing it off is designed to be positive.

(* And the reason why you feel that it’s weird, abnormal or crazy to do this? That’s because you allow a social constraints and culture to determine your internal emotion and response.)

So can you laugh it off? Really, truly laugh it off?

Shake away the social conventions, and laugh it off?

Failure, rejection and defeat are now easier to bear. Guess what? When you can truly laugh it off, friends get attracted to you. And they go through the situation with you. Cool, isn’t it?

When you can TRULY laugh it off, you become the one in control of your life. You are now The Master of how you affect situations, not how situations affect you.

A final thought:

Look at life squarely in the eye. And laugh it off! šŸ˜€