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Why Do Some People Avoid Communication, Presentations and Public Speaking?

August 1, 2007

There are people who avoid being better communicators. Stand-up presentations make them uneasy. And there are some who shy from public speaking. Upon hearing any of these terms such as Communication, Presentations and Public Speaking (CPPS), they repel away as if its the like pole of a magnet.

These avoidance and underlying reasons are exhibited in the form of mentality and attitudes. You can often hear the people making some of the following comments about CPPS:

“It won’t work.”

“It’s not for me.”

“I don’t need it.”

“I’m already very good in it.”

“I’m not good in it.”

“I’ve got no time for it.”

The causes for these comments fall into two major categories: Fear and Unawareness ( or Ignorance)

1. Fear of humiliation. Shy, timid, meek, whatever you call it. This is the most popular reason why people avoid it.

2. Fear of communication (CPPS). Linked to the previous reason. Communication presents a psychological barrier to them, leading to a lack of confidence. Its often witnessed during public speaking.

3. Fear of learning. Internally some of them do think that they cannot learning new skills. They are afraid of facing up to changes. And changes do make people feel uneasy.

4. Unaware of the importance of communication. Hence, its not placed at the top priority, leading to the “I’ve got no time” mentality.

5. Unaware of the need for communication. A lack of life experience puts people into a mold of tunnel vision. Guess what? The fact is that people need to communicate to get things they want.

6. Unaware of the need to continue learning and improve. It’s a hidden ego issue too. Some think that they’ve learn all there is to learn hence, there is not further need for improvement. Hence, “bo chup” or the “I don’t care” mentality emerges.

Having highlighted these causes of CPPS avoidance, it ought to be our personal agenda to strive towards minimize these fears and unawareness.

Ultimately, you need communication, presentations and public speaking skills to Excel Beyond Excellence!