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What A Crisis Tests And Brings Out In A Man (And Woman)?

August 2, 2007

There is nothing like a crisis to bring out the best in a person.

Throughout history, people are tested, be they leaders, followers or individuals. From personal health and wealth issues to world-wide nuclear war threats, mankind has never been short of crisis, trials and tribulations.

While we cannot singlehandedly stop them nor prevent them from happening, we can be sure of two things: It’s a test, and it brings out certain attributes of a person.

Crisis in life trains and attempts to sharpen these attributes. Some make it through, toughened by the events. Meanwhile the weak ones get down on bended knees to plead mercy for an outlet, finding these tests unbearable. On the extreme end, a certain portion took the path of self-destruction, physically.

Hence, what does a crisis tests and what does it brings out in a man (and woman)?

It tests and brings out these six primary attributes of a person:

#1.  Character: the tenacity and stealth of an individual. The surefooted emotional passion and steadfastness of the person’s mind.

Do you wail and whine about it, panicking and freaking out or do you remain calm and steady internally?

#2.  Flexibility: the ability to change and re-mold to fit the new situation. The willingness to flex the mental muscles for the shift of paradigm and perspective.

Are you stubborn and insistent beyond redemption or can you change to adapt to new trends and novel rules?

#3.  Balance: a person’s capability to notice and find the fair pivot between character fixation and extreme formless flexibility. Vital in the resolution of dilemma.

How much will you have to change?

Which aspects do you have to change? And to what degree gives you the balancing point?

Are you pleased with the change?

#4.  Wisdom: the ability to know how to balance, to what extend or which degree the balance is needed. Reading of the crisis situation is key here. Go-meta. Analytical and possibly, rational.

How do you know what to change?

How do you know how much to change?

What insights do you have regarding this crisis?

#5.  Resourcefulness: the individual’s capability to carry out the resolution. Includes communication power, contacts, skills, talents and whatever relevant assets that will present help.

What can help you improve the situation?

How would you employ your resources fully?

#6.  Self-Leadership: the overall ability to plan and carry out the plan. To internally self-motivated to consistently take the right action.

What is your plan and strategy to deal with the crisis?

What is the deadline for the steps?

Are you taking action now?

Understand that there will always be crisis, issues that we would rather not have and problems we wish they never exist.

It is hoped that by being aware of what a crisis tests of us, we can now look at crisis and problems in life as a training ground. We can take comfort that it brings out the best of these attributes in us.

For everyone of us who take the training that crisis offers, those who pass or score will thus be most equipped to Excel Beyond Excellence!