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The Top Ironies And Contradictions In Our Life

August 3, 2007

Life is full of interesting happenings and ironies. The contradictions between our intention and what we actually do can often differ. The dilemma is usually left unresolved, leaving the ironies to occur again and again…

Here are some of the top ironies and contradictions that occur in our life:

(Disclaimer: you may, of course, disagree with any of them.) 

1.  We want everything but are not prepared to give anything to get those things.

2.  We have a lot to say but seldom communicate.

3.  We want friends but we seldom catch up.

4.  We plan our holidays in detail but seldom plan our life in detail.

5.  We often say that we have no time but we seldom manage time.

6 .  We are often busy but seldom see ourselves getting anywhere in life.

7.  We go to great lengths to save a cent but seldom hesitate to spend a dollar.

8.  We say that we want peace but we go to war.

9.  We say that we want love but what we say end up offending others.

10. We say that we want to be constructive in comments but often end up complaining and criticizing.

11.  We say that we want to help each other but end up gossiping about others.

12.  We say that we want to be happy but we seldom smile.

13. We want a smooth sailing life but often end up complicating things.

14.  We exhaust our health to create wealth then use up our wealth to find back our health.

15.  We keep insisting that we want to excel but seldom take the actions to excel.

It is now a good time to ask yourself if your own life is full of ironies or are you now already on the path to your life’s direction and destiny.