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The Ultimate Thing That Truly Matters About Your Thoughts

August 7, 2007

Everybody has an opinion. Whenever we see something, hear of a news or experience an event, we derive some thoughts about it. Internally we are somewhat affected by it. The more intense the experience the more we are shaped by it.

At the same time, we unconsciously make some decisions about it as a result of our thinking process. Hence our thoughts becomes the trigger for the next thing to come.

But to note that thoughts are just… well, thoughts. On it’s own, it has very little impact on others and the community at large. However, check out its resultant impact by some people… the consequences are massive, and magnificent.

A certain lady thought to herself that she shouldn’t give up her bus seat to a white. And that decision of hers triggered the rise of the Civil Rights movement by the African Americans.

The simple action of Rosa Parks then inspired more thoughts and action of another fellow African American. He become one of the world’s most famous orator, leading him to make a speech that world speakers hailed as one of the greatest public speeches ever. His thoughts came in a form of a dream.

A frail young man thought to himself that he should be in politics to promote his ideas instead of remaining an artist. The consistent action on his thoughts allowed him to designed a new ideology. That resulted in the systematic murder of more than 6 million Jews and alike, but it, arguably, escalated the eventual outbreak of World War 2. This deadliest war in the world caused the deaths of over 60 million human lives.

A trained doctor, despite his poverty, persisted in fulfilling his thoughts of creating a nation where all men have equal rights. He dreamed about it day and night, funding and fueling the rise of at least ten revolutions and beyond. The feudal Qing government was eventually overthrown, paving the way for a formation a Republican system to be underway years later. Today, Dr Sun Yat-Sen is fondly remembered as “The Father of Modern China”.

I could name you numerous examples in the likes of Gandhi, Lincoln, Washington, Kang Xi and others. But I’m sure you get the idea.

Therefore, the ultimate thing that truly matters about your thoughts… is, not your thoughts, BUT it’s What you do about it.

Whenever people have thoughts, the resultant impact is 3 possible scenarios:

1)  Those who just leave it. Its just a thought to them. The though died.

2)  Those who just share it. They talked about it and harped about it. But nothing was really done about it. At the end, it’s either someone else took these thoughts up and created something or it degrade itself into gossip and mere street-talk.

3)  Those who just act on it. That resulted in changes in their lives and people who come into contact with them. Their lives are affected too. Positive thoughts allow a person to excel further beyond through their productive actions.

Remember, positive thoughts should lead to productive actions, which in turn creates useful situations.

Now, having read this, what are your thoughts?

More importantly, what do you plan to do about it?