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The Ultimate Purpose Of Your Communication, Presentations And Public Speeches (And The 7 Elements Of Effectivess)

August 15, 2007

“It’s ever essential that we learn how to present well, after all, your career depends on it.” This was what I shared with the participants yesterday as I conducted the workshop on Effective Presentation Skills for a multi-national corporation.

In whichever area you want to strive and excel in, you will have to communicate. As you progress on, you will find yourself having to present to groups of various sizes. Making public speeches to the mass audience is just a matter of time.

Have you thought about why do you even speaking or present? Is it just because you need to fill in the gap of time? Or just because you have to.

Well, the answer is more than that.

As you embark on your Communication, Presentations and Public Speaking (CPPS), you must constantly keep in mind the intent of your doing this.

The ultimate intent and purpose of your Communication, Presentations and Public Speaking is to Get your Message across effectively.

That’s it.

Whatever you do during CPPS, it’s all meant for this. In all speaking strategies you employ, it’s totally designed for this. You have to get your message across to the audience.

Simple as it sounds, it’s actually seldom accomplished. Have you ever heard speeches that ended up making you more confused than ever? Or presentations that induced you into lala-land? Or find yourself “nodding” in agreement as the speaker drones on and on… because you were actually napping?

When you powerfully get your message across to your audience, you will find the following Elements of Effectiveness (EoE) present:

1) Your audience will gain clarity rather than confusion.

2) Your audience will be more motivated and inspired rather than expired.

3) Your audience will experience a sense of completion and satisfaction, instead of that “left out to dry” feeling of unfinished answers.

4) Your audience will know what to do, be it big or small steps, instead of just a bunch of “head knowledge”.

5) Your audience will be influenced and changed somehow, in a certain way, instead of walking out of the room totally the same as before.

6) Your audience will appreciate you in someway, instead of just dying to leave.

7) You will ultimately feel an inner sense of connection with your audience, just as they connect with you in return.

Here’s my best wishes to your next presentation and speech. Go forth. Get your message across to excel!