Why Is Having New Members So Crucial To Your Organization’s Survival?

In any organization, it is always very important to bring in new members. The following reasons serve as reinforcements and reminders for us to pay attention to having new members in whichever social group you are in, including Toastmasters Clubs.


To the organizers and executive committee, having new members will:

* reinforce commitment

* develop a sense of pride

* instill leadership qualities and capabilities

* inculcate a sense of ownership

* having choice and quality successors


To the organization itself, having new members will:

* allow it and its program to renew freshness

* maintain sufficient its running fund and cashflow

* receive and work on new ideas

* perpetual its ideologies and mission for existence


To the members, having new members means:

* having an ever expanding network of support

* can reach out to new expertise

* constantly challenged to improve themselves and each other

* keep on learning and taking on responsibilities

* the get-together events remain fun and are constantly interesting to be with each other

* develop a sense of belonging.


Overall, a constant influx of new members also helps to sustain the organization, poising it to excel beyond excellence!

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