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What Humor Really Is

August 22, 2007

In our daily communication and speaking, we encounter humor. That sudden chuckle or a burst of laughter. It never fails to lighten up our day.

It can be a very solemn occasion, but that mere utter of a witty word or punchy phrase changes the entire mood. In fact, humor is still a “mystical” study that even till now, scholars of communication still are unable to fully understand how certain could really lead to such a reaction that we term humor. People know how to use it, but when it comes to narrating how humor works, your definition is as good as mine.

Perhaps humor is that vagueness in words or body language that leads to another possible interpretation and potential misunderstanding. Or maybe its that sudden twist that trigger a reminder of things we are familiar with. Some say that if you can truly explain humor, it wouldn’t be humor any more. So much for clarified ambiguity. ūüėÄ

No matter what, you can be sure of one thing. Humor do mean something. If a person can laugh, smile and giggle , it must mean something.

Humor is really a connection with your audience.

If you can make them laughter, you have connected with them. They have accepted you as their own and have accepted your invitation to step into your world. The universe that you have created… in your speeches and presentations.

In general terms, the creation of humor may be intentional or unintentional. Both say something about your speech and your personality.

1)  If the humor you related was funny and you got arousing laughter, then it is intentional. You have, hence, crafted your speech well.

2)  If the humor was unintentional, off-the-cuff, and you truly know you did not expect it, then it is your charisma and personality that helped you.

3)¬† If the audience started to react the way you want, then it means you have build enough rapport in your speeches. You have just earned the right to influence your audience with your sincerity and truthfulness. That is some character indeed. The audience’s trust and willingness to do as you told reflect your level of positive rapport.

The next time you hear a laughter or a chuckle or two, immediately study how did you managed to create that segment of humor. Discover the magic of the mystery and the key to breaking down the walls of indifference.

Humor is really your connection with people. Really… It’s no joke.