Why You Must Maximize The Power Of A Gaze

Last night was wonderful. The participants, although new to each other, were interactive and responsive. An interesting concept as in the making as they took part in the Speed Gazing Party.

At this social development function, I was the Guest Speaker to evaluate of their ‘gaze’ and present the session “Master Your Body Language”. We had a gregarious and fun time.

Ideas and tips were shared as much as possible with the hour. Some of the participants I spoke to after the event told me they enjoyed the easy to use flirting signals, Indicator of Interest (I.O.I.) and the Give and Take (G and T) methods.

In this context, a gaze is neither a quick glance nor a stare. An intentional blank stare into space doesn’t make the cut here either. It is an intended look into the eyes of another person that goes deep into the human psyche. It is essential to enhancing relationships in various forms, privately and publicly.

Why, then, is a gaze so important and essential in communication, making friends, building relationships, giving presentations and public speaking? What makes a gaze so powerful when well displayed?

1) It portrays confidence. Confidence must be there if you want others to trust you and follow your lead.

2) It reveals the character within. The famous saying, ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ tells all. You can look into the inner self of others as well as allow your positive traits and sincerity be known to others.

3) It connects people to you. The eyes are bridges to connection. The deeper you can connect, the better and stronger your relationship is.

4) It calms the mind and hearts of people. A simple smiling gaze bring peace and serenity to the other person. Used in various ways, it soothes the aching heart and the desperate desires.

5) It helps you get your message through effectively. This is the essence of communication. If your points and ideas don’t get through, why bother to communicate or relate?

6) It allows you to persuade and influence people much more easily. A well-placed look allows you to maximize your ability to change minds in your favor. It simply makes people believe you and take your words for it.

As you relate to the next person you meet or the next group of audience, do remember the power of a gaze. It’s essential for relationships and communication.

Look well. 😀 Be well to excel!

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