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What Are The Mega Powers Of Enthusiasm And How They Work To Help You Succeed.

August 26, 2007

I’ve always been wanting to write about enthusiasm. It’s the source that enables me to keep on training and giving talks after talks despite the very tight schedules. There are times where I experience clashes in the training bookings or even tough dilemma, yet this enthusiasm within keeps me on in resolving the various issues.

To me, it is the life-force of Wekie Tay.

Over the many years as a public speaker, trainer and consultant, I have reflected and reviewed this driving force. I realized that enthusiasm is not just a mere force on its own, but it brings along a series of other powers and effects.

In fact, so powerful is enthusiasm that it is actually a mega-power. A power dynamo that begets other powers. Some of the other powers that enthusiasm produce are:

The Power of Passion

The Power of Persistence

The Power to Overcome

The Power to Charm

The Power of Energy

The Power to Infect.

The Power of Growth.

The Power of Creativity.

The Power of Life. Refuses to die.

The Power to Make a Difference.

The Power To Excel Beyond Excellence. While some people can excel, being enthusiastic gives the rare few the ability to excel beyond.