How To Overcome Shyness When Talking To People?

Had a jolly great time at today’s talk at a major corporation. It was one of my most popular seminars, “Communication Between Men and Women: Exploring the Fine Art of He says, She Says”. I especially enjoyed it when my audience responded with the various cheeky answers that brought bouts of laughter throughout the whole room.

One of the topics I touched on was the shyness factor. Very often, being too shy prevents effective communication and expressions of intended information. It also forms a barrier when you want reach out to others to date certain people or build a relationship.

On the other hand, I am not advocating abrupt boldness, barging into a room full of people and yelling at the top of your voice, “Hey, you! Yes, you cutie. I want to go out with you! Come here!” Although that might work sometimes, I am more for a balance and some awareness of what the situation demands.

Nonetheless, here are some thoughts on how to overcome shyness when talking to people.

1) Know that shyness is actually unnatural. When we were born a baby, we didn’t have a care about our nakedness or do we hide our wants for milk, for attention and affection. Shyness as a trait is acquired in our later growing days. It’s not something we are born with. So we don’t have to shy really, it’s not a natural part of us.

2) Understand that shyness is more of a play of your own mind, than the fact out there. Our mind often ‘play tricks’ on us, it can make us imagine things to be worse than what it really is. Get a grip of it. Shatter it’s myth and take control of your reality. Commit to push whatever images of ‘shyness’ out of your mind and replace it with a positive play of the outcome.

3) Create instant impact. There is power in approaching people instantly. It makes you look confident. Gets things going. And most of all, it does not allow you time to be shy.

4) Dress up to be your best. Your attire and dress does have the ability to make you feel confident. Once you look elegant, crisp and sharp, your natural confidence can also be brought out. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) concept of ‘anchoring’ applies here too. And you don’t even need to remind yourself that you are dressed to your best too. So why not let a no-brainer way puts you at your advantage?

5) Practice your approach often with different people. Get used to relating and communicating to others. There is no short cut to being competent here. Mere reading of articles here won’t turn you into a smootie smoochie. You’ve got to be the one doing your due diligence. (Drop me an email when you want additional easy and simple ways to effectively approach or open a conversation with others.)

Alright then, time to go off and prepare my next run of talk on gender communication. Will be back with more tips, strategies and ideas.

Meanwhile, excel more in your daily life. Cheers! 🙂

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One Comment on “How To Overcome Shyness When Talking To People?”

  1. DB Says:

    I’d like some more info on how to approach people and start conversation. If you can email me it will be great!. Thanks!

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