What Are The 10 Things You Must Do To Successfully Take The First Step To A Wonderful Relationship?

Today was another wonderful run of “Communication Between Men and Women: Exploring the Fine Art of He says, She Says” for the corporation. More sharing took place. It’s so much more fun and educational as the participants played an active role in the seminar’s success.

It’s often interesting to note that people are indeed curious about the opposite gender, yet seldom take the steps find out.

That eager moments before the big date saw you panicking and frantically wondering what to say. The inner thoughts start to go haywire and swim around your mind in a haphazard manner. Before long, it’s a series of negative images that keeps telling you, “you won’t impress, you won’t make it. You will fail… like before….”

Scary, isn’t it?

Just think, what if you do take time to find out more about the mysterious gender? What if you discover that the opposite gender is not that secretive after all? What if you know how to approach them or that person in the right and positive manner?

How much more good will it do for you? Lots of goodness, I must say.

In my private coaching and personal consultations with individuals, it is usually this first step that must always be taken and the inner barrier resolved first. The desire to learn more… about the opposite gender

Hence, what must you do then, in order to trod on the path to a wonderful relationship?

#1: You must develop the curiosity about the opposite gender. Cleverly curious, not drooling desperation here.

#2: You must be willing to let go of past paradigms that are ineffective. Here’s a hint, you’ll be surprised how things are not what they seemed to be… if you’re willing to let some of them go. Soon, you’ll discover that it’s not that mysterious.

#3: You must desire knowledge and discoveries about the opposite gender. It does require some studies. Work is needed. Talent is a bonus.

#4: You must notice the specific finer things about him or her that matters. Being hawk-eyed helps! A lot! You can do a lot more to improve relationships if you develop that keen sense of observation powers.

#5: You must be bold yet artful in your approach. Yup, a delicate balance here. A sense of how much is too much will take you a long way. And knowing a few tips to approaching that someone won’t hurt either.

#6: You must be willing to communicate with them. Hello… is a good start. Communication will open up doors for you. Effective communication, that is.

#6: You must be willing to laugh about any blunders that might happen in the course of relationship. So what if it doesn’t turn out the way it is. No big deal. Laugh it off, shrug it off, dust it off!

#7: You must be able to bounce back. Die hard and die harder applies here.

#8: You must stay positive, in personality and in outlook of life. Nobody wants to build a life-long relationship with a negative person who wallows in complains, criticism and grumblings.

#9: Ultimately, it accumulates to this: You must continuously learn and constantly improve yourself as a person. As more gender facts and relationships strategies are unearthed, you must keep upgrading yourself and be a better person. Besides merely learning, this action of yours actually makes you more attractive and appealing then ever.

It’s really your game. Your game to win if you want to. Take the first step. The first step to excel in your relationships. 🙂

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