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Key Reasons Why People Are Fired And How Can You Avoid Becoming One Of Them

September 3, 2007

Had a most enriching meeting with the Mayor today. It is indeed a pertinent issue and task regarding helping to empower people for employment or for career success.

Over the years of consulting with the bosses of Multi-National Corporations (MNC) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), I have done in-depth research and surveys as to the key reasons why do companies fire people.

They are as follows:

Poor communication skills. it is essential to be competent with communication. Attend some speaking and communication courses, either sponsored by your company or out of own pocket. Regular practice is required.

They are seen as not adding value.

They are really not adding value to the company.

They did only as sufficiently asked. Not more. Hence, easily replaceable.

They turn out to be an average performer. Strive to excel beyond.

They have poor leadership skills. The longer you work in a company, the more chances you have to display your leadership capability. If you don’t step up when opportunity beckons, a mismatch gap appears. It is to your disadvantage when the gap becomes to awkward to bear.

They have poor people and relationship skills. As an extension, there is a strong need for harmony and diplomacy at the workplace.

They possess outdated technical skills and technological knowledge. A clear misfit of job scope. Society will keep moving, so must you keep evolving.