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The Cause Behind The Fine Art Of ‘Failing’ Happily

September 4, 2007

(This is controversial. Proceed only if you have the clarity of mind.)

Can you ever be happy when you fail? Against all conventional beliefs, it is possible to be happy in the process and the midst of failing.

Why? Because in reality, you don’t have to feel upset about not accomplishing something you wanted in the first place. You could feel humbled, or enlightened, or even excited at the prospects of being able to start all over again.

Being upset about failing is just a cultural association that is induced in us owing to the society we live in.

Then how can you really still remain happy if we fail?

That is when you have truly done your best and your conscience is clear.

Let me explain. If you have done your best, the rest is beyond you. It could a physical limitation or a lack of resources at that moment. No matter what, it’s not your primary fault to want to fail. It’s just life’s way of providing limitation from time to time.

However, does this imply that we should all ‘fail’? Of course not. It’s not the intention of this article to promote that you should fail. But rather focus of your responses behind failing, now that’s called being able to bounce back from failure.

You dust the dust off, you learn, give a smile to yourself. And restart. A bit differently this time round.

Whether you buy this or not, it’s still your own decision about your emotional responses that counts. For me, if I succeed, I’m pleased. If I ‘fail’, I’m happy too. Because I always strive to do my best.