7 Keys On How You Can Better Communicate With The Opposite Gender

It was the final run of the corporation’s “Communication Between Men and Women” today. For these couple of weeks, I have been moving around the organization’s different bases to give this series of talks.

I got to make many new friends and notice new awareness with the audience. Indeed, this is ever a mystery topic, yet so interesting to explore.

To summarize, there are some keys to apply in your communication with the other gender:

1. You must first be comfortable in your own skin. An acknowledgment of your own gender and its traits goes a long way. The recognition of the differences between men and women allows you to take pride in who you are and respect the others.

2. To communicate better with the opposite gender, you must truly overcome your own shyness. Be it cultural or psychological, shyness tends to make one feel restricted in expression.

3. Communicating with the other gender must be a regular practice. It should not be seen as a sudden need or come across as “being forced to talk”. This will only backfire as it becomes fakeness. You must commit to apply your communication skills every day.

4. Remember, sincerity helps. It should not be perceived as an intention to exploit just because you are now much more relational to others. If there be any ill-will or motive, the others will stay away from you.

5. Add in your bridging sentences to connect with them. Remember your “I appreciate you. May I …” and “I am here, listening and understanding…”. Form bridges to cross into their world.

6. Pay attention to display positive body language. Nothing irritates a sensitive gender more than then lack of active listening signals. Watch out for your eye contact as well.

7. Notice individual uniqueness. Use this to break the ice and to provide topics for conversation. Extend this to include common areas between the two of you.

As you walk out to meet and greet the next person, keep these keys in mind. They will help you to unlock the doors to positive communication and excel your relationships.

Communicate well. Live to Excel!

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