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How Effective Is Your Leadership? 7 Critical Signs To Watch Out For

September 10, 2007

Leaders face tests all the time. Not only do they have to deal with their inner dilemma, they have to handle people. And people challenges are almost present all the time. How have you been facing your team and the people at large?

Not sure?

Then perhaps it’s time to do a quick gauge of how effective is your leadership thus far.

And no, we are not talking about some tedious survey here. I am referring to some signs that you can watch out for as you secretly test out your own leadership abilities and team acceptance of you.

Remember, these indications are by no means the absolute and not meant to be taken to the extreme. Its purpose is to provide a general feel of your leadership.

As you issue your order or policy, watch out for…

1) signs of eager anticipation or frustration on their facial expressions and body posture.

2) signs of the general atmosphere, is there tension or a relaxed mood of interaction.

3) signs where they stay back to chat and discuss with you or they could not wait to disappear from the scene.

4) signs where they contribute their thoughts and opinions to the matter or are they mere order takers.

Off hand, chat with some of the team members on a one-to-one basis. Listen out for…

5) signs of contentment in working with you or complaints against you or someone in the team.

6) signs of approachability and openness in sharing with you or closeness and defensiveness in their work performance

7) signs of collaboration with you in your upcoming plans or hints of being “too busy” for your grand ambition.

Take these thoughts with you the next time you meet up with your team. Watch out for these signs, change your leadership styles when you notice the signs to be negative.

It always pays to be a learning leader.

Lead well to excel!