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What’s In A Name? Here’s Steering You Through The 10 Odd Car Names

September 13, 2007

Like it or not, the name says it all. And people form impressions from names.
(Yeah, and that includes my own name, Wekie. Whatever impression you get from it, I’ve most likely heard before. And I’m cool about it. 🙂 )

As you launch a product, its name communicates something. People get emotions and are somewhat affected by the name to varying degrees. What’s more, your customers will also take names into consideration in deciding if they want to write out that check.

Whenever customers buy, they want a suitable sounding name that goes with what they are paying their hard-earned dole for. After all, it’s partially their right too.

When you drive a car, you derive certain satisfaction from it. It could be the class, the luxury or even the functionalities. No matter what, the name of the automobile does reflect something.

And this article from features some tongue-in-cheek comments that come from odd car names.

(As usual, take it with a pinch of salt, it’s just for your general fun and entertainment. But do reflect on the importance of names, their impact and purposes, be it subtle or distinct, intentional or accidental.)


10 Odd Car Names

Where do they come up with names for cars? Some of them make sense: the Audi Quattro refers to the car’s all-wheel drive system, the Acura Legend inspires confidence, and the Plymouth Voyager conjures up family road trips. But others…well, you just have to wonder. We called up the actual definitions for some of these names in an attempt to understand…

1. AMC Gremlin: “a tiny imaginary mischievous creature that is blamed for faults in tools, machinery, and electronic equipment.” Do you really want anything to do with gremlins when you are driving down a steep and slippery road?

2. Ford Probe: Probably the manufacturers meant probe as in space probe. However, we can’t rule out another definition: “surgical instrument for exploring.”

3. Chevy Cavalier: “showing an arrogant or jaunty disregard or lack of respect for something or somebody,” or a “gallant or chivalrous gentleman, especially one escorting a lady.” Which do you think they were going for?

4. Plymouth Reliant: “depending on or needing somebody or something.” Wouldn’t you like to be able to rely on your car, rather than have it rely on you?

5. Oldsmobile Cutlass: “a short thrusting sword with a flat and slightly curved blade used in the past, especially by sailors.” This might be a better name for a boat.

6. Volkswagen Golf: “an outdoor game in which an array of specially designed clubs with long shafts are used to hit a small ball from a prescribed starting point into a hole.” What if you prefer tennis or soccer? Can you still drive this car?

7. Toyota Corolla: “the petals of a flower collectively, forming a ring around the reproductive organs and surrounded by an outer ring of sepals.” Well, at least the literal Latin translation of corolla is “little crown.”

8. Chevy Suburban: “relating to, belonging to, or located in a suburb.” Why is there no “Urban” or “Rural”?

9. Mitsubishi Mirage: “something that is unreal or merely imagined.” This suggests the car may not be as good as it seems.

10. Subaru Brat: “demanding and selfish person: somebody, either a child or an adult, who is regarded as tiresomely demanding and selfish, like a spoiled child.” So, it’s not surprising that Subaru has discontinued that model.


Just a thought, if you can name any car of your own, what will you call it?

Happy driving on the road to excellence!

4 Essential Ingredients To Kindle Your Inner Fire

September 13, 2007

Last week I served as a Language Evaluator and General Evaluator for one of the Clubs that I am mentoring, Nee Soon East Toastmasters Club. During the meeting, I heard an interesting speech presented by Gerald Ong.

Gerald was working on his Advanced Project: Read Out Loud. The title of his speech is Kindling Your Inner Fire. He shared with the audience some useful pointers on what are the ingredients to fuel our motivation and zest. Hence I requested for his permission to pose them here. Thanks, Gerald!

Here’s some of the excerpts of his speech:

Kindling your Inner Fire

Imagine having this fear of public speaking. When you signed up as a new Toastmaster, you are very nervous and not confident in your speech. Over time and together with exposure, your speaking skills improve with power and passion.

I was reading this book, “The Monk who sold his Ferrari – A Fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny”, by Robin S. Sharma.

This chapter caught my attention, “Kindling Your Inner Fire”. It focuses on the purposes in life and on working hard in your career. Everyone needs a break in their career by clearing their annual leave to relax and re-focus their goals in life.

From the book, I learn about enthusiasm. And I quote, “Enthusiasm is one of the key ingredients for a life of success in living”. Showing enthusiasm is the key to leading a happy lifestyle. Don’t overwork, but focus on achieving your main goals. Successful living come from following your favourite hobbies in life.

The next book I refer to is “First Things First”, by Steven Covey.

Secondly, are we leading a purpose-driven life? You are the lighthouse in your life. You are heading towards the end of the tunnel to find the light in you. Everyone has the burning passion of fire in their heart to develop their speaking skills. Most importantly, we must have the light within to act upon our goals to grow and improve ourselves to a higher level.

In short, we must lead successful and happy lifestyle with clear goals in life. This makes our life purposeful. Always remember to keep your fire burning.

Self-examination is important and we must adhere to it successfully.” It reminds us to self-examine our purpose in life and lead an encouraging lifestyle which keeps us perked in our self-esteem.

Self-knowledge is the DNA of self-enlightenment.” You achieve your objectives with knowledge by being enlightened in special ways through family, friends and close ones to your heart.


In summary, to kindle your inner fire, you must have:

1. Enthusiasm

2. A purpose driven life

3. Self-examination

4. Self-knowledge

To make our lives worth living, we must strive to consistently add these ingredients in our lives. May you keep your inner fire to excel in your life always.