How You Can Benefit Most From Mentorship?

Just a few days ago, I was the Language Evaluator for my club, National University of Singapore Toastmasters Club. In that meeting, the Vice-President of Education, Wilson Loo, shared with the audience the mentorship program.

Thanks to Wilson, I’ll like to highlight some of the ways you can benefit from mentorship as shared by him. In addition, I’ll elaborate each point based on what I’ve discovered over the many years as a mentor to various clubs, professionals and individuals.

If you are being Mentored, or you are the “mentee”, you can benefit most by having the following attributes:

1. Being eager for challenges. Your mentors will constantly challenge you to go for greater heights and achievement. On your part, you need to provide that eagerness and enthusiasm to make it work.

2. Being receptive. While some of the advice may be bitter pills to swallow, those frankness are exactly what you need from your mentor. Hence, it’s wiser to be receptive than being repulsive to different opinions.

3. Being open to ideas. An extension of the above, you want to be more open to the ideas and practical advice your mentor is sharing. By being open to ideas, I am also referring to the ability to not just listen, but to act upon it.

4. Being loyal. Loyalty is an extremely rare trait in modern days. A pure reflection of integrity. An indication of character trustworthiness. Never let out confidential information that is passed between your mentor and you. Keep your promises intact and fulfilled. Share with your mentor confidently. Get your mentor involved in ideas or learnings you might have so that he or she can work in closer partnership with you.

Mentorship is truly a relationship. And relationship needs to be built over time, with loyalty, integrity and trust. So, remember to L.I.T. up your relationship.

5. Being grateful. It’s often better having a mentor than to have no one to turn to. Your mentor will drastically shorten your learning curve and help you arrive at your goals much more sooner. While most mentors don’t expect it, a simple appreciation will brighten his or her day.

Furthermore, your act of gratefulness makes your mentor more motivated and determined to work with you for your success. Being grateful goes a long, long way. After all, your mentor is committing a portion of his or her precious time to help you grow. Never ever take your mentor for granted.

To add on, I’ll include the following:

6. Being proactive. Instead of waiting for your mentor to contact you, give him or her a call first. Following which, dropping your mentor an email or sms to introduce yourself and your goals will be most appropriate and courteous. Learn to seek your mentor for advice instead of having him or her to “hunt you down” and asks about you.

7. Being responsible personally. While mentors do nurture you, they are by no means your full-time nanny. You should not rely on your mentor to do everything for you or tell you everything. Further to that, should things not happen the way you expect, take personal responsibility first to self-examine instead of instantly blaming someone else. After all, you are the one who acted on them. And when things go well, be grateful and thankful for your mentor.

As you might also understand, mentorship is actually a two way process. Feedback and responses are given back and forth. Hence, in the process of mentoring, even the mentors can gained from the program itself.

How then can you benefit if you are the Mentor? Well, you get to:

1. Learn from your mentees.

2. You become more productive and create more meaning for life.

3. You can help others to help themselves.

4. You’ll receive recognition for your commitment and dedication as a mentor.

Mentorship is definitely a system and program designed to help both of you improve yourself, no matter what your competency is. It’s benefits are gained most by those who truly desire to further excel in life.

As you embark on the mentorship program, here’s wishing you the very best on the journey to excel beyond excellence!

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