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7 Must-Have Elements To Make Your Coaching Relationship Work

September 20, 2007

Coaching is an unique relationship that is established for the ultimate enrichment benefit of the client as well as the skills enhancement of the coach. As a result of this uniqueness and purpose, certain elements are to be there in order to attain success in your coaching.

In my years of coaching in sales and negotiation, communication, public speaking, relationships and others, I will always ensure that these elements are central focus of a successful coaching session. Whenever I train the coaches, trainers, counselors and mentors, they become the grounding and foundation for the scope of training.

To make your coaching relationship work, these key elements must first be present:

1. The Mutual Recognition of the Value of Coaching

2. The Connection between the Coach and the Client

3. The Establishment of Agreement and Procedure

4. The Presence of Openness, Confidentiality and Trust (OCT)

5. The Willingness to Demonstrate and Participate

6. The Act of Sharing, Learning and Improving (SLI)

7. The Maintained Rapport Throughout

The next time you are coached or are coaching someone, always strive to make sure these elements are within the relationship before proceeding with your coaching session. Having these will ensure your client and you will excel beyond excellence in coaching.