How To Boost and Maximize Your Brain’s Learning Capabilities?

“Your mind has been a learning machine ever since you’re born.” This was one of the messages I shared with my course participants for the last two days. In “Brain Power”, I’m so glad that all the participants took immense interest excelling in their own mental well being and life success. Well done, everyone!

To add on, here are the ways to maximize and boost your brain’s learning capabilities:

1. Get curious. And I mean really curious about everything.

2. Start to ask questions. Ask them well and ask them deep. Ask me too.

3. Be observant. Hone your powers of sight and hearing. Tune your instincts.

4. Study different perspectives. Be receptive to possible ways of looking at issues and ideas. You see what I mean?

5. Take notes. Note them down. Study them. Discuss them.

6. Test for reaction. A bit of cheekiness here. Dare you push someone to the brink of their limit? Not crossing it though. A little sort of “what happens if I do this?” and then just work on the nerve buttons. I bet you’ll learn something you’ll never forget. (Please… use some emotional intelligence here to know your limits of testing, ok?)

7. Add variety. A little bit of pepper won’t hurt. Who knows, you might like it. So, instead of cramping the books, get out and boogie!!!

8. Seek creativity. When variety isn’t enough, get creative. Ever worn a flowery shirt to work instead of the usual black-and-whites?

9. Have fun. Fun has the strange ability to make you want more of it. So if you have fun learning, guess what you want more of? (The irony is… it’s a no brainer!)

10. Experience freshness and refresh your life. Take a deep breath, feel the positive energy of this world. Reflect on its existence and your purpose of being here in this life. Mediation adds to your enlightenment too. Hmmm……

Remember, your mind craves for new knowledge. Never deny it the chance to grow, for its continued growth is your guarantee to excel in life. A life that lets you excel beyond excellence!

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4 Comments on “How To Boost and Maximize Your Brain’s Learning Capabilities?”

  1. “When variety isn’t enough, get creative. Ever worn a flowery shirt to work instead of the usual black -and-whites?”

    Wow! That’s the epitome to real success I guess. Else things get dull without creativity.

  2. Wekie Says:

    Haha! Who knows? You may even start a new trend at work. If it catches on, your workplace will be filled with new life and abuzz with activities. I’ve seen that happen in my consultation work with various companies. It becomes a unique character of its own. 🙂

    Thanks for your comments. May you excel beyond excellence!

  3. Siddhartha (16) Says:

    I’ve heard that we use only 10 % of our brains. Yet other websites say that its a myth, they say that we use 100%. My question then is, how did einstein get so smart? I think that no one know how much procent of our brains we use.
    Is there a limit to how ‘smart’ we can get. Or is it just that we can get ‘smarter’ because we just need to have more order in our minds.. Maybe when we place everything in the correct order that we can think as clearly as Einstein did. Because when im in math class i sometimes can solve any math problem but I also have these moments when it even gets hard to euhm think!! I really would like to know how that happens. I’ve got many more questions left but im going to keep it to this.
    Thx for ur text btw. It really all makes sense!!

  4. Wekie Says:

    Hi Siddhartha,

    The interesting thing about our brain is that the more we learn about it, the more we realize there are so much more potential in it we have yet to tap on.

    Is it 10%, 1% or could it be even lesser than that? An ongoing research still for the scientific discoverers…

    Nonetheless, you do have a talent for your mathematics and I encourage you to keep developing your brain’s capabilities.

    You want to use it well to Excel!

    Thanks for dropping by and for your comments.
    Always Excel Beyond Excellence!

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