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Top Criteria of Quality Questions That Help You Help Your Client

September 26, 2007

Just completed the first part of the workshop, “Coaching for Enhanced Performance Management” It was indeed heartwarming to sense the commitment and dedication of the participants. Their desire to assist the clients towards a better life and performance was admirable and inspiring.

One of the most vital skills set of an effective coach is the ability to ask Quality Questions. Questions, when artfully used, can immensely empower your client.

During your coaching with the client, most of the questions asked should contain at least one or more of the following criteria:

1. Contains the value that the client is interested in.

Eg, Client spoke at length about an incident where a colleague is always expressing his dissatisfaction with work.

You: “To what extend is satisfaction at work important to you?”
“How do you think you can remain happy at the workplace?”

2. Enables the filling of the gaps of the client’s thoughts and strategies.

Eg, Client: “When I look at what my life has turned into, I know I have to do something to change it. I know I must.”

You: “What is it exactly that makes you so determined to change your life?”

3. Makes the client reflect and think.

Eg,”What does fulfillment in life truly mean to you?”

“How do you see yourself making a difference to your loved ones?”

4. Helps the client think or move in a forward direction.

Eg: Client: ”I know I want to be happy. I would like to wake up happily tomorrow and go to work.”

You: “What action do you specifically have to take in order to wake up happily?”

5. Lets the client self-understand his own thought processes or action steps.

Eg: “How did you arrive at this conclusion?”
“What steps did you take to accomplish that?”

6. Minimizes ambiguities and towards clarity when needed.

Instead of saying, “Kindly indulge me in the comprehension of your intended route of implied application.”

Simply ask, “What do you intend to do next?”

7. Draws out the client.

Eg, “What role do you see yourself playing in this situation?”

It is always useful to practice asking these quality questions often. Make these questions a part of your coaching process to help your client. Together with your client, you’ll definitely excel beyond excellence!