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How To Really Stay Focus On Achieving Your Goals?

September 27, 2007

A person works hard throughout his life. Blood, sweat and tears are poured into it. And what are all these hustle and bustle for? Hopefully, they bring you closer to your goals.

Distractions galore! Temptations abound! Busy, busy all year around!” you say.

“That’s why I’m not getting what I want.” you added.

BUT these are not reasons, they are excuses. It’s just busy for the sake of being busy.

It’s therefore better to realign oneself and keep focusing on getting ourselves closer to our goals, instead of being busy getting no nearer.

Here are the ways to stay focus onto achieving our goals:

1. Know what you stand for

2. Understand what is essential in your life.

3. Your goals must be made worthy enough of your attention.

4. Make them larger than yourself. Include others in it.

5. Commitment and dedication MUST be in!

6. Stop giving yourself excuses to stop. Start giving yourself reasons to start.

7. Accept that there are costs and sacrifices

8. Be willing to pay the price.

9. Give a penalty for not achieving the individual milestones.

10. Take time to reflect on the day’s work. Review it and amend if needed.

11. Plan the act and Act the plan. This is the most cliché of all, YET the least done of all.

12. Do something with what you read here instead of just reading here.

13. Lastly, be willing to excel. Not just excel. But excel beyond excellence!