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8 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Seeking Employment

September 30, 2007

Just two days ago, I was conducting the first part of the workshop for “Employability Skills”. Ideas and thoughts about employment were discussed, exchanged, and reflected. One such understanding is that in the midst of seeking jobs, it is obvious that setbacks of non-acceptance will occur before the success of securing employment.

In getting employed, a number of factors come into play. Qualification, skills competency, experience, achievements, character, communication skills, charisma, age and a few others are all relevant employment factors. However, what one must also realize that the factors play to varying degree of importance rather than all of equal standing.

Here are the important things to keep in mind when seeking employment:

1. Your mindset and perspective is the initial influencing element and the most important of the job seeking process. Blaming on the past will only develop tunnel vision. A renewed view of issues will expand the range of job choices you have. Begin to understand that job seeking is not limited to only one employment factor. Also know that it is your responsibility to help the potential employer see the value in you.

2. As your employment factors change, so must your requested job appointment scope change. Going for those that are obviously not your own competency constitutes a mismatch of job requirement, resulting in non-acceptance during application.

3. Conversely, these new jobs may require you to change to a new job scope and/or new industry. You must be willing to explore new grounds. Whenever you are looking for another employment, it’s like starting all over in a new track of your career. Instead of the insisting on the exact same job, in same industry with same salary, be prepared to discover opportunities in a new place or new responsibility. Opportunities often knock at places you never expect.

4. During times of non-acceptance, dare to move on. There are many reasons to why a person is not accepted. Most of these reasons are hidden, hardly obvious to you. What you think as the reason may not be the actual or only reason. Give it a “No big deal”, learn from it, improve it, and move on.

5. The reasons why they should employ you must be represented in your cover letter and resume. As most potential employers want to know more about your background and competency, your cover letter and resume are keys to represent you and speak for you when you are not there. They are also the initial introduction to them that there is such a person as you. In short, they sell you. Therefore make your first impression powerful. Give your cover letter and resume a make over if you have to. You will be surprised how a well-written cover letter and resume will open doors for you.

6. Employers usually hire the most positively outstanding person in their eyes and mind. This should be the aim of your job seeking. Position yourself as the most outstanding you in the best way possible in the midst of other candidates. Find out more about the company and know the right way to position yourself. Hiding behind others and doing the same things as them won’t help bring you the job. Making yourself outstanding gets you hired.

7. Since life and situation change, persistence helps. It’s really a process of finding jobs that match you and sell to potential employers. Sometimes you might be the one to call the company instead of them contacting you. A continuing process of search is essential.

8. Constantly upgrade yourself to add value as a potential candidate. The more you match the requirements of the companies, the more likely they want you. Just as new trends develop, so should you continue learning.

Do remember to keep these in mind. When you apply them, they become helpful and shorten the search process greatly.

Here’s wishing you the best in your job search. May you excel beyond excellence!