How To Build A Perfect Relationship With Your Boss?

Tonight I was serving as Language Evaluator at the Nee Soon East Toastmasters Club. It is one of the Clubs that I am mentoring. Over the last few months, this club has been like a phoenix, rising from the ashes and reviving its days of glory. The membership has been consistently growing and the passion of the members ever present.

One such enthusiastic member was Sweta, She hailed from India and was a lecturer there. Since becoming a Toastmaster a few weeks ago, Sweta has been a regular project speaker at the Club meetings. When you visit our Club meetings, you can see her fervor and intense desire to be a competent speaker.

Tonight, in her project speech, she shared with us her tips for creating a perfect relationship with your boss. They are direct and poignant. Thanks for your sharing, Sweta.

Here’s goes:

1. Be popular.

2. Willing to do extra.

3. Take criticism well.

4. Be open minded.

5. Accompany problem with solution.

6. Praise but not flatter.

7. Be loyal.

8. Under promise, over deliver.

Many of these advices are practical and applicable. Integrate them into your working relationships. Besides, who’s to say you that cannot use these tips when working with colleagues or in our personal relationships?

Do keep these tips in mind whenever it comes to interaction and relationships at the workplace. I’m sure your career will excel beyond excellence!

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2 Comments on “How To Build A Perfect Relationship With Your Boss?”

  1. Some people are afraid of being popular in the office because it might attract unwanted hostility from your co-workers. Then again, you’re not there to impress them but to impress your boss.

  2. Wekie Says:

    Indeed, the primary focus is unto working well with your boss and providing solutions rather than trouble. The greater picture is that working well with co-workers is also a way to ease the boss’s troubles. Therefore it’s multi-facet when comes to relationships at work.

    One must hence seek a balance in the process, yet keeping in mind the company’s purpose of one being hired.
    Thanks very much for your comments, Jen. May you excel beyond excellence!

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