8 Lessons On The Emotions Of Selling To Help You Sell Easily

On the same Friday evening, after I had completed my day-time negotiation training, I was rushing to another venue. It was about 40 minutes before my next session begins. This time, my talk and training was on “Dynamic Selling Skills”.

As what I usually tell my participants, selling is like a brother or sister (depending on your gender preference) to negotiation. Both go hand in hand and have common areas. Yet, they feature their own procedure and strategies. You will be much more empowered when you have one to compliment with the other.

In the room-packed dynamic selling session, we had demonstrations of the process of selling and I showed them how they could artfully fit into what their clients want with ease. It was definitely educational and empowering. The training was also uplifting as participants took to the exercises and activities. Those were the keys to make selling simple, yet effective.

To set the stage right, I shared with the participants to sell easily, they must (emotionally) understand that selling comes from the heart first.

I shared with them some of the lesson on the emotions of selling. These lessons are meant to help them sell easily:

1.) It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you trust.

2.) It’s not just about who you trust, it’s also about who you like.

3.) It’s not only about who you trust and like, it’s about what you ultimately feel in your heart.

4.) Selling is also about what you stand for emotionally.

5.) It’s not merely what you stand for, it’s about how do you fit into what your clients stand for emotionally.

6.) When what you stand for fit into what they stand for emotionally, and they like you, trusting you in the process, you’ve got an open mind who will take in whatever you suggest or recommend.

7.) In selling, you want to suggest, recommend and share, instead of just pushing your products and services. Why? Simple. Because no one feels good about it.

8.) Ultimately, selling easily and effectively requires you to emotionally connect with your clients in all levels. And make them feel positive about it.

The next time you meet up with your client, strive to connect on the emotionally level first. Use the points and lessons above to move the selling process step-by-step.

You will find that selling becomes more of an ease than a chore. With practice, you will evolve to become a seller who excels beyond excellence.

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