The 6 Levels Of ‘Uniqueness’ In Your Relationship: What Your Partner And You Must Not Do Without

Had a massively, humongous “WOW!” time at tonight’s seminar. I had been looking forward to this night when I conduct the training on “Communication Between Men and Women: Exploring the Fine Art of “He Says, She Says”.

At the packed seminar, I loved it when the crowd went crazy with their willingness to participate, to share and to have fun. I also am glad that the tongue-in-cheek humor and running gags were reciprocated with hilarious hearty laughs. It was a smooth sailing educational and entertaining event. That’s what I call “Edutainment” !

To the organizers, you have done extremely well to bring this event to the National University of Singapore (NUS) students. And to the participants, all of you deserve more OOOooooo Yeah! and Cheers for being so willing to learn and improve yourself. Thanks very much for being present.

In the seminar, I did mention about the concept of uniqueness in a relationship, especially that special relationship. It carries a certain weight in the hearts and minds of the couple. Hence, what does it really mean to have real uniqueness in your relationships?

In reality, there are 6 levels. They go from the most disconnected of an individual to the merging of two entities as one body:

Level 1: Being able to pick up something unique about that person.

Level 2: Being able to share and relate what is unique about yourself to that person.

Level 3: Being able to engage in dates and activities that are unique to both of you.

Level 4: Being able to live a life that is unique and exclusive to both of you.

Level 5: Being able to derive feelings that are unique, exclusive and only mutual to both of you.

Level 6: Being able to have both of you ultimately merge as ONE ENTITY.

Which level are you at now for whatever relationship you are in? If you are not in it, why not work to prove on the levels?

You must truly work on building the uniqueness of the relationship. It does take some find tuning but both of you must always be willing to communicate better with each other. It is only when both are connected by that uniqueness where both of you can excel beyond excellence as one!

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