How Does The Window Period Of Receptivity Exist In Your Courtship And What Can You Do To Make The Best Of It?

Through a number of my DARE: Dating, Attraction and Relationship seminars, I mentioned about the existence of “The Window Period Of Receptivity”. It is a period where the person is more receptive of you and strongly considers having you as a romantic partner or love interest in his or her life. And… if you miss it, you’ve lost it. (unless you know what to do to get it back, of course.)

Some of the participants ask if this is based on a certain time. Well, while we often think of period in terms of time, it is actually more accurately based on the willingness of the heart and thoughts of the mind. Hence, defining it as a month or ten weeks is not the best way to indicate such a period.

How does such a period exist?

1. The Mind thinks in possibilities.

2. The Mind becomes open to people from time to time.

3. The Mind loves the challenge of the unknown.

Of course, this is followed by the need to make the best of this Window Period of Receptivity

Only one note: If you like him or her, Grab it! Stop hesitating, just grab it.

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