7 Top Qualities You Must Have To Effectively Improve Your Work Place

Today’s seminar was a blast! I had just completed 3 intensive days of workshop on “Work Improvement Team Training”. This is otherwise known as WITs. Having further explored with the participants various Thinking, Analyzing and Planning (TAP) tools, we embarked on various projects to improve things around us at the work place.

What I truly enjoyed about conducting the training was the enthusiasm and excitement generated by the participants. Well done and my appreciation to all of you!

In addition, I shared with them about the qualities they must have to effectively improve their work place:

1. The belief in the need for continuous improvement.

2. Having a keen eye in noticing and knowing changes, both at work and in general trends.

3. Be sharp in thinking to know what changes has taken place and what to change.

4. Be creative in knowing how to implement the solutions.

5. Possess critical thinking skills to better analyze, critic and evaluate (ACE) the results.

6. Gain the support of your superiors and the management to carry out the proposed improvement.

7. Possess the ability to lead and influence your team members.

When you truly and earnestly strive to improve, the environment will reciprocate by allowing you to better perform in your career. After all, your work place is designed for you to excel beyond excellence!

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