What Is The Essence And Connection of Your Mind Over Your Body? 7 Proven Facts For Your Thoughts

Yesterday was a grand festive occasion and holiday for my Muslim friends. It was Hari Raya Puasa. This day is special. Muslims all over the world celebrate the end of the month long fasting.

According to one of my friends, the fasting to them is a test of their faith and a way of cleansing. Indeed, it’s never an easy task to resist such worldly temptations… what’s more for an entire month, that’s 30 days. As what he says, “it takes a whole lot of mind over body…”

I, too, have long been reflecting on issues of the essence and connection of the mind over the body. The various things I have worked on and the goals I have fulfilled were very much results of my exertion of mind over the body.

After years of my research, experimentations and interviews with people, here are some factual conclusions:

1. The mind is truly able to control the body.

2. Your level of control directly depends on the level of mental dexterity of your mind.

3. What your mind focuses on, your body gives in to it.

4. Faith and Belief in your own mental capability plays a vital role in its success.

5. Constant mental exercises and exertions practice will improve your control over time.

6. To expand your mental control over your body, you have to expand your lifestyle too.

7.  In the struggle of internal control versus environmental dictatorship, the stronger mind and the tougher character will win.

Hence, the ultimate control of the mind over the body builds the foundation for one’s true achievement, the way to excel beyond excellence.

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