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Your 3 Best Defenses Against The Tough Negotiators

October 16, 2007

Today was another successful and intensive run of the very popular “Effective Negotiation Skills”. All the learning and sharing with the participations have created more in-depth understanding of the various negotiation situations. Laughter and smiles kept coming on. I’ve enjoyed it. Thanks, ladies and gentlemen. You are the shining examples of eager learners.

In the session, we discussed on the handling of really tough negotiators. And by tough, I do mean those big burly types. Those that make your hearts tremble.

Therefore, in a quick summary, here are your 3 best defenses against these tough negotiators:

1. Sincerity from the Heart. A true desire to work towards a win-win partnership. If the other party cannot recognize it, it’s their losss.

2. Strong Mind and Character. You can never say enough about this. After all, negotiation success hinges on your mental dexterity and the personality that follows.

3. Sharp Awareness of the various negotiation tactics and techniques, both ethical and unethical alike. This is where continuous learning will give you the massive advantage. It puts you in the driver’s seat of the negotiation process.